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Welcome to! is a free tool that CM Computer Services have developed and released for you to be able to check your website’s ranking easily.

With this easy to use code that we provide you with you are able to instantly show all the visitors to your site what you Page Rank from Google is. You are also able to quickly look up what your current ranking is.

What is Page Rank?

Google describes PageRank:
PageRank relies on the uniquely democratic nature of the web by using its vast link structure as an indicator of an individual page’s value. In essence, Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A, for page B. But, Google looks at more than the sheer volume of votes, or links a page receives; it also analyzes the page that casts the vote. Votes cast by pages that are themselves “important” weigh more heavily and help to make other pages “important”.

How will using this tool boost your pagerank?

Whenever we receive a request from your website to check your page ranking (which should be everytime you webpage loads), I will add your URL to the most recent list. This list will display the last 1000 requests that we received. So for every request, we will have a link back to your website. Apart from being in the most recent list, we will keep a list of ALL users. And because you are linking back to our website, our pagerank will increase, and with our pagerank increasing, yours will too.

 The code:

To make use of this tool, and display the pagerank of your website automatically, please use the following code:

<a target=”_blank” href=””>
<img src=”” alt=”” border=”0″></a>

Please Note: When making use of the above code, it will automatically pick up from which page you are requesting your Page Rank and display that page’s Page Rank. If you want to only display your main page, please use the generated code with the Check Page Rank utility.

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